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Resolving problems between Buyers and Suppliers

Unfortunately, from time to time disputes will arise between Buyer and Supplier. In order for us to better assist you with a trade dispute; please raise your dispute with supporting information through your Netcrate Account so we can ensure all the information is associated with your transaction:

1. After the buyer submits the dispute, both two parties have 20 working days to negotiate without the involvement of Netcrate. From the 5th working day onward, the buyer can request Netcrate's assistance by contacting customer service or may continue to negotiate with the seller. Escalating the dispute to Netcrate will incur a dispute admin fee which you can find here.

2. During the negotiation period, both parties need to respond to each other's proposal within 5 working days, otherwise, the dispute will be escalated (no reply from the supplier in due time) or canceled (no reply from the buyer in due time) automatically.

3. Netcrate will automatically act as a mediator for any disputes which remain unresolved after 20 days of initial opening and incur a dispute admin fee. After 40 working days, if the dispute is unresolved, Netcrate will make a final decision or if agreed by both parties send the case to an independent arbitrator, the London Court of International Arbitration - LCIA.

4. The fees of the LCIA are solely the responsibility of the Buyer and or Supplier.

5. Netcrate will abide by the independent ruling of the LCIA and perform their duties or services accordingly.

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